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Impact Strategy


With a strong urge to participate in projects that are meaningful, our team produces all kinds of movies, including feature films with strong business potential, as well as documentaries and series.

From the script, we identify the SDG goals in the storytelling, to spotlight narrative elements to maximise impact opportunities.


We secure a structural finance for impactful film projects. We work with private impact investments, engaged entrepreneurs, philanthropists, NGO,  and classic industry partners.

Including in the finance, a budget to support a diverse and worldwide impact campaign.


In-house original and co-productions.
We determine an impact campaign roadmap from the pre-production. W
orking from an early stage in the creative development on the campaign help to increase the power of story effectively. Our principal aim is to develop prolific cinema with an impact, working hand in hand with all our partners, allowing us to even more actively engage in causes we care about deeply.


Working with a team of very committed distributors, to have a strong presence in awards campaigns and theatrical releases. 

Optimize the experience in the field with foundations and their partners enrich our impact. But also, coupled with engaged STAR POWER allow us to bring more light on our topics, reach their fans to give us further impact TO INSPIRE POSITIVE CHANGES.


We will engage all our partners to create together a strong, diversified, national & worldwide impact campaign: High-level creative actions including screening with Q&N in international events like WEF in Davos, Climate week in NYC with meaningful outcomes for press and audiences...
But also, screenings in schools, 
social medias campaign, Concert, Exhibitions, Podcasts, Books...


In 2015, 17 SDG sustainable development goals for transforming our world were drafted.

Each project is a creative force  to accelerate impactful change and contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The keys of success is a constellation of connections. Join us!

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